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Massachusetts May Target Remote Sellers for Sales Tax

In an attempt to balance his $40.5 billion budget, Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker (R) may propose that remote sellers be required to collect Massachusetts sales taxes on sales of tangible personal property made over the internet to Massachusetts residents. Attorney Morris N. Robinson sent a Letter to the Editor of State Tax Notes, suggesting that Governor Baker's proposal may be both impractical and unconstitutional.

Personal Liability of Executors for Tax Liabilities of the Estate Under the Federal Priority Statute, 31 U.S.C. 3713

United States v. McNicol 829 F.3d 77, (1st Cir. July 15, 2016) aff’g 2014 WL 4384486, 114 A.F.T.R. 2,d 2014-5919 (D. Mass., 2014) Summary This is an appeal of summary judgment by the personal representative (the “PR”) of an estate. The lower court found the PR to be personally liable under the federal ...