Monthly Archives: September 2015

MassTaxConnect: Massachusetts Business Taxpayers and Tax Professionals Await Rollout of New Secure Website on November 30, 2015

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue (“DOR”) released a training video about MassTaxConnect, the new secure website for tax administration in Massachusetts, on September 18, 2015. MassTaxConnect is scheduled for a rollout on Monday, November 30, 2015—the first business day after Thanksgiving.

Internet Tax Freedom Act is Scheduled to Expire: Massachusetts Department of Revenue Publishes TIR 15-8

The federal Internet Tax Freedom Act (“ITFA”) is scheduled to expire on October 1, 2015, unless Congress extends it. The Massachusetts Department of Revenue (“DOR”) issued TIR 15-8 on September 9, 2015, advising internet service providers on how to comply with Massachusetts tax laws after ITFA expires. ITFA prevents any federal, ...

How Taxpayers Are Identified for the Massachusetts Domicile Audit

Every year hundreds of former Massachusetts residents are selected for a Department of Revenue domicile audit. It is very easy to be selected for audit. Former Massachusetts residents with high incomes and net worths are particularly vulnerable. How are these taxpayers identified for audit? Perhaps the most important Department of Revenue ...