Monthly Archives: June 2015

Massachusetts Non-Filer Amnesty Details Revealed

BOSTON, June 3, 2015. In early March of this year Governor Charlie Baker proposed a tax amnesty for taxpayers who have not filed tax returns with the Massachusetts Department of Revenue. According to reports published over the Internet, MDOR will waive penalties for both business and individual taxpayers. Today, representatives ...

Preventing Double Taxation of Interstate Income: Supreme Court’s “Wynne” Decision is a Win for Taxpayers

In a five-to-four decision, the United States Supreme Court held that the dormant commerce clause protects in-state residents from the double taxation of their interstate income. This is a complicated decision and the margin favoring the taxpayers was razor-thin, one vote.

Delinquent International Information Tax Returns May Extend the Statute of Limitations on Your Entire Federal Tax Return

More and more, U.S. taxpayers are becoming aware of their federal tax reporting obligation for foreign financial accounts, interests and assets. With increased IRS enforcement, broader media coverage of international tax evasion cases, and the implementation of FATCA reporting[1] by foreign financial institutions, the term “FBAR”