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Dealing with Erroneous FATCA Inquiries

A foreign bank asks our client to provide information that the bank is not required to provide IRS under FATCA. There are two possibilities. Our client can provide the information or our client can choose not to provide the information. How should we advise our client?

Choosing the “Right” Income Tax Return Preparer

The IRS audits about one taxpayer in ten who reports more than $1 million in income. Many of these taxpayers are at the height of their careers and cannot endure even a whiff of scandal. They need peace of mind so they can concentrate on their careers. At the same time, they do not want to pay more than they have to in income taxes. After all, these taxpayers often have significant expenses such as high tuitions for their children at elite colleges and large mortgages on their vacation homes. Therefore, savvy high-income taxpayers with complex returns will want to choose their income tax return preparers carefully.